Belle Zeller Scholarship (deadline: 3/31/21)

The program was named for Professor Belle Zeller, a faculty member at Brooklyn College, who served from the founding of the college in 1930 until her retirement in 1973. Belle Zeller was also a pioneer of the American Labor Movement and the founding president of the Professional Staff Congress. The program was established in 1979 to honor her by providing scholarships to allow the most distinguished CUNY students to continue in CUNY undergraduate, graduate and professional school programs. Eligibility for the scholarship includes having completed at least 16 credits at CUNY, with a 3.75 GPA or better, and having performed significant community service.

 Each year, we have the privilege and the difficult task of choosing Belle Zeller Scholars from among the many distinguished applicants. Belle Zeller Scholars receive a scholarship in the amount of $5,000. It is a highly selective award. In a typical year, we receive more than 200 applications and while the number of scholarship awards vary, we customarily award 10 to 12 scholarships each year.

Deadline: March 31, 2021/