Provost’s Pre-Dissertation Research Fellowship (deadline: 2/7/22)

The Provost’s Office is pleased to announce the following pre-dissertation fellowship competition for doctoral students in the humanities and social sciences.  These summer awards provide $4,000.


  • Students must be level II, exceptions will be made for students in programs where a formal dissertation prospectus/proposal is not submitted for approval until after advancing to level III. Such level III students will only be eligible if they have not officially submitted a prospectus/proposal to their program.
  • Please note that current CUNY guidelines restrict the distribution of funds for travel outside of the state unless the recipient has received prior approval for their travel plans. While guidelines may change, any award winner who proposes either domestic or international travel will need to attain permission for their trip prior to being able to access these grant funds. For more information see: International Travel Requirements for Current Students (cuny.edu)
  • Students who have received GC Dissertation Fellowships are not eligible.

Instructions for submitting your application:

1) Combine your cover sheet, research proposal, curriculum vitae, and transcript into a SINGLE file (either as a pdf document or a word document).

Use the following format when naming your document: Last Name, First Name, Program

2) Email the file as an email attachment to fellowshipapps@gc.cuny.edu

3) Complete the online part of the application through the following form: Provost’s Pre-Dissertation Research Award


If you have questions, please contact Rachel Sponzo at rsponzo@gc.cuny.edu.


Deadline: February 7, 2022, 3:00 pm