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Job Appointments in July 2020

Carmela Dormani (Class of 2020)

Will join Mercy College as an assistant professor in the Sociology/Behavioral Sciences Department in Fall 2020. Carmela was featured in the GC Class of 2020 Series:


Eric Ketcham (Class of 2020)

Has been working at the New York City Department of City Planning since June, 2019. Eric was featured in the GC Class of 2020 series:


Rebecca Karam 

Will begin a postdoc position in Fall 2020 at Michigan State University as a Dean’s Research Associate. She will defend her dissertation titled “Making Muslim Americans: Parenting Practices, Parochial Schools, and the Transmission of Faith Across Generations in Metropolitan Detroit” in August, 2020.


Berglind Hólm Ragnarsdóttir (‘2019)

Will start a tenure-track position as an Assistant Professor of sociology at the University of Akureyri, Iceland in Fall 2020


Tanesha Thomas 

Accepted a tenure-track position as assistant professor of sociology at Montclair State University. Tanesha defended his dissertation titled “Is the South (still) America’s Sacrifice Zone? A Regional Analysis of Toxic Emissions, 1987-2017” in June, 2020.


Anna Zhelnina 

Will start a two-year postdoc position at the University of Helsinki in Fall 2020.   Anna plans to defend her dissertation “”Engaging Neighbors: Housing Strategies and Political Mobilization in Moscow’s Renovation” in August 2020.


Melanie Lorek (‘2018)

Accepted a tenure-track position as an Assistant Professor with CUNY School of Professional Studies.

Awards and Honors in July 2020

 Rob Smith (Faculty) 

Prof. Smith received the 2020 Award for Public Sociology in International Migration from the ASA International Migration Section.

His research was also instrumental in winning two major victories.  The Wells Fargo lawsuit used his current DACA research and was settled in favor of the plaintiffs for 20 million!  In addition, the Supreme Court’s decision to uphold DACA is the other lawsuit he was working on last year. Over 650,000 kids get to stay!

Read Prof. Smith’s recent interview with the GC:

Anna Zhelnina 

Anna’s paper titled “The Apathy Syndrome: How we are trained not to care about politics” won the 2020 Mayer N. Zald Distinguished Contribution to Scholarship Student Paper Award of the ASA Collective Behaviors & Social Movements Section.

Jane McAlevey (‘2015)

Jane was profiled in The New Yorker with a heady title: “Jane McAlevey’s Vision of the Future of American Labor.” It touts her newest book and refers to her as coach and chronicler of the labor union movement.

Click to learn more about Jane’s work.

Recipients of Dissertation Fellowships

Dissertation Fellowships 2020-2021

Qasim Haq
Carell Dissertation Fellowship ($25,000)

Spiros Maximos Papadantonakis
Dissertation Year Fellowship ($25,000)

Carlos Camacho
Center for Place, Culture and Politics Dissertation Award ($10,000).
Awarded a grant from the Africana Studies Certificate Program ($800)

Yen-Chiao Liao
Received the Phipps-Clark Dissertation Fellowship ($5,000)

Pre-Dissertation Awards ($4000)

Joanna Dressel

Amelia Fortunato

Beiyi Hu

Xuemeng Li

Nga Than
Also received the Provost’s Digital Innovation Grant ($2,000)

Joseph Van Der Naald
Also received Wayne State University Walter P. Reuther Library’s Sam Fishman Travel Grant

Andrew Anastasi
Received the Graduate Center Archival Research Grant in American Studies ($4000)

Courtney Frantz
Received the Graduate Center Early Research Initiative/PublicsLab Summer Research Fellowship ($4,000)

Marianne Madore
Received the Connect New York Fellowship ($4000)