Recent pieces by Richard Alba, Andréa Becker, Samuel Farber, Isaac Jabola-Carolus, Ruth Milkman, Kristi Riley, Julie C. Suk, Nga Than, and John Torpey

Richard Alba (Faculty)

Wrote a piece in The Sun 

“Who is left out of the new American mainstream?”


Andréa Becker

Wrote pieces in Teen Vogue “Who Decides Who Gets a Hysterectomy?” and in Ms. Magazine “It Was Never About Saving Babies. It Was Always About Motherhood”


Samuel Farber (Emeritus)
Wrote a piece in Jacobin Magazine

The Berkeley Free Speech Movement, 56 Years Later  and The Many Explosions of Los Angeles in the 1960s 


Isaac Jabola-Carolus

Wrote a report on California domestic workers “Unprotected on the Job: How Exclusion from Safety and Health Laws Harms California Domestic Workers.” The report provides the most recent data on safety/health hazards faced by CA domestic workers, who are still excluded from workplace safety laws after 50 years.  


Ruth Milkman (Faculty)

Wrote a piece in Gotham Gazette New Reason Not to Fall for Trump’s Immigrant Labor Threat Narrative


Kristi Riley 

Wrote a book review of Hans Toch’s Organizational change through individual empowerment: Applying social psychology in prisons and policing in Criminal Justice and Behavior

Julie C. Suk

Wrote a piece in the Boston Review Save the Equal Rights Amendment


Nga Than

Wrote a piece in the Center for the Humanities website – Communities and Emotions in the Digital Classroom” 


John Torpey (Faculty) wrote pieces in Forbes 

“Universal Baby Income?” 

What Is The True Death Toll Of Covid?

Comparing Pandemics