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Ruth Milkman – Immigrant Labor and the New Precariat

Ruth Milkman (Faculty) published a book titled Immigrant Labor and the New Precariat (Wiley, 2020)

In this book, Ruth Milkman demonstrates that immigration is not the cause of economic precarity and growing inequality, as former President Trump and other promoters of the immigrant threat narrative claim. Rather, the influx of low-wage immigrants since the 1970s was a consequence of concerted employer efforts to weaken labor unions, along with neoliberal policies fostering outsourcing, deregulation, and skyrocketing inequality.

These dynamics have remained largely invisible to the public. The justifiable anger of U.S.-born workers whose jobs have been eliminated or degraded has been tragically misdirected, with even some liberal voices recently advocating immigration restriction. This provocative book argues that progressives should instead challenge right-wing populism, redirecting workers’ anger toward employers and political elites, demanding upgraded jobs for foreign-born and U.S.-born workers alike, along with public policies to reduce inequality.

Source: https://gc.cuny.edu/Page-Elements/Academics-Research-Centers-Initiatives/Doctoral-Programs/Sociology/News-(1)/Detail?id=59107

Awards in November 2020 – Chris Maggio, Ruth Milkman, and Luke Elliott-Negri

Chris Maggio received the Junior Scholar Award from the Stone Center on Socio-Economic Inequality


Ruth Milkman (Faculty) and Luke Elliott-Negri won a $48,300 grant from the Washington Center for Equitable Growth to study food workers and collective action in light of COVID-19. https://gc.cuny.edu/News/All-News/Detail?id=56208

Recent pieces by Richard Alba, Andréa Becker, Samuel Farber, Isaac Jabola-Carolus, Ruth Milkman, Kristi Riley, Julie C. Suk, Nga Than, and John Torpey

Richard Alba (Faculty)

Wrote a piece in The Sun 

“Who is left out of the new American mainstream?”


Andréa Becker

Wrote pieces in Teen Vogue “Who Decides Who Gets a Hysterectomy?” and in Ms. Magazine “It Was Never About Saving Babies. It Was Always About Motherhood”


Samuel Farber (Emeritus)
Wrote a piece in Jacobin Magazine

The Berkeley Free Speech Movement, 56 Years Later  and The Many Explosions of Los Angeles in the 1960s 


Isaac Jabola-Carolus

Wrote a report on California domestic workers “Unprotected on the Job: How Exclusion from Safety and Health Laws Harms California Domestic Workers.” The report provides the most recent data on safety/health hazards faced by CA domestic workers, who are still excluded from workplace safety laws after 50 years.  


Ruth Milkman (Faculty)

Wrote a piece in Gotham Gazette New Reason Not to Fall for Trump’s Immigrant Labor Threat Narrative


Kristi Riley 

Wrote a book review of Hans Toch’s Organizational change through individual empowerment: Applying social psychology in prisons and policing in Criminal Justice and Behavior

Julie C. Suk

Wrote a piece in the Boston Review Save the Equal Rights Amendment


Nga Than

Wrote a piece in the Center for the Humanities website – Communities and Emotions in the Digital Classroom” 


John Torpey (Faculty) wrote pieces in Forbes 

“Universal Baby Income?” 

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