Working Groups

Crime, Law and Society Workshop
  • The Crime, Law and Society Workshop was launched at the alumni book party on Oct 27, 2023 by Angela La Scala Gruenwald, Michael Yarborough and Lynn Chancer, with the help of other criminology and law faculty at CUNY including Jayne Mooney, Dave Brotherton, Michael Jacobson, and numerous others.
  • Contacts: Angela LaScala Gruenwald (, Michael Yarbrough ( or Lynn Chancer (

Immigration Working Group Workshop

Political Economy Workshop
  • The Political Economy Workshop is a student-led group seeking to workshop papers through engaging in productive discussion that incorporates a multi-faceted, interdisciplinary approach on topics related to political economy. The goal of this workshop is to create a friendly environment for graduate students and scholars in the field of labor, political economy, Marxism and politics to discuss their research projects, learn from each other and build an academic-political community based on these shared interests. All members of the CUNY community regardless of their program are encouraged to join and contribute by submitting a paper or joining the discussions.
  • Contacts: Juan Ferre – and Joey Van der Naald – To check the workshop schedule click

Society and Protest Workshop
  • This workshop brings together practitioners, PhD students, and faculty across disciplines in a space to reflect on the role of formal and informal Civil Society in expressing citizen demands. Civil society is itself contested and a battleground; both a site of struggle and organization is the domain of class politics. At the same time, formalized civil society and philanthropy are looking to social movements and critical thinking to open up new possibilities and ways of working.When: Selected Thursdays from 12-1:30 PM
  • Contact: To check the workshop schedule click  If interested, you can  RSVP HERE for any and all upcoming sessions.

Urban Studies Workshop
  • The Urban Studies Workshop is a student-run workshop that meets once a month. Each session includes two parts: workshopping students’ writing, and reading sessions (discussions of new developments in the discipline). The writing pieces (article drafts, grant proposals, syllabi, etc.) will be circulated among the workshop participants at least a week before the meeting.
  • Contact: Kasey Zapatka (  To check the workshop schedule click

Qualitative Research and Cultural Analysis Workshop 

(organizing in progress)

  • The main objective of this workshop is to cultivate a discussion of the finer points, interpretive processes, and analytic lenses associated with rich or “deep” qualitative research. On a more practical level, the twin aims of this workshop are to discuss an array of techniques for collecting and analyzing qualitative data, including field work, interviewing, content analysis, discourse analysis, historical methods, and visual analysis, among others, and to offer students and faculty an opportunity to present and receive constructive feedback on their work. It is therefore meant to be both informative and actively hands-on. All students and faculty are welcome to attend and present their work on any substantive topic at any stage of development.
  • Contacts: Richard Ocejo –, Tom DeGloma –, and Greg Smithsimon

Psychosocial Research and Reading Group 

(organizing in progress)

  • This workshop, hoping to draw faculty and graduate students both from CUNY and from around the City, focuses on using a combination of sociology and psychological/psychoanalytic methods and theories to shed light on a range of empirical topics from trauma to the rise of authoritarianism nationally and internationally.
  • Contact: Lynn Chancer –

Media, New Media and Public Sociology Workshop 

(organizing in progress)

  • A new workshop, with about 18 interested students and faculty, focused on encouraging sociologists to use their research and perspectives to reach larger audiences through media and new media especially when engaged in “public sociology” already. An organizing meeting will soon be called but, if you are interested, please contact Anthony Capote.
  • Contact: Anthony Capote at