Awards in November 2022 – November 2023

November 2022 – May 2023

2023-2024 Dissertation Fellowship Recipients

  • Bonnie Ip, Dissertation Year Fellowship ($25,000)
  • Angela LaScala-Gruenewald, Altman Dissertation Fellowship ($25,000)
  • Marianne Madore, Gittell Dissertation Fellowship ($25,000)
  • Zachary Del Rosso, Garth Dissertation Fellowship ($10,000)
  • Nicholas Rodrigo, Dissertation Year Award ($10,000)
  • Lorraine Torres Colon, Dissertation Year Award ($10,000)


2022-2023 Early Research Initiative Awards Recipients

  • Angela LaScala-Gruenewald, American Studies Archival Award ($4,000)
  • Andrew Shapiro, American Studies Archival Award ($4,000)
  • Brian Mercado, Public Research Summer Award ($4,000)
  • Nicholas Rodrigo, Public Research Summer Award ($4,000)
  • Brittany Suh, Connect New York Research Award ($4,000)


2022-2023 Provost’s Digital Innovation Grant Recipients

  • Yu-Jhen Chen ($1,000)
  • Qiyao Pan ($1,000)


2022-2023 Black, Race and Ethnic Studies (BRES) Fellowship Recipients 

  • Cristine Khan (Doctoral Fellow)
  • Kristen Miller (Doctoral Fellow)
  • Diana Yung-Yi Pan (Research Faculty Fellow)
  • Margaret Chin (Curriculum Development Faculty Fellow)
  • Richard Ocejo (Curriculum Development Faculty Fellow)
  • John Torpey (Curriculum Development Faculty Fellow)


2022-2023 Future Initiative Grant Receipients

  • Sasha Isaac, Equity & Social Justice Grant ($500)
  • Parisa Osmanovic, Equity & Social Justice Grant ($500)
  • Bonnie Ip, Dr. Louise Lennihan Arts & Sciences Grant ($500)


Zachary Del Rosso

Was awarded 2023-2024 Office of Institutional Research and Effectiveness (OIRE) Fellowship


Sasha Isaac

Was awarded 2023-2024 CUNY Humanities Alliance Fellowship ($29,000)


Joseph van der Naald

Was awarded 2023-2024 Center for Engaged Scholarship Dissertation Fellowship ($30,000)


May – November 2023

David Brotherton (Faculty)

Received Lifetime Achievement Award from American Society of Criminology (ASC) Division on Critical Criminology & Social Justice, also featured in GC news here


Yu-Jhen Chen

Received 2023-2026 Demography Graduate Center Fellowship ($27,374 per year)


Janet Gornick (Faculty)

Was awarded an honorary doctorate by Stockholm University in recognition for her research on socioeconomic inequality


Beiyi Hu

Received 2023-2024 Future Initiative Fellowship ($29,374)


Cristine Khan and Angela LaScala-Gruenewald

Received Russell Sage Foundation Dissertation Research Grant ($10,000)


Tammy Lewis (Faculty)

Received the 2023 Fred Buttel Distinguished Contribution Award from ASA Environmental Sociology section


Jayne Mooney (Faculty)

Received the 2023 Saltzman Award for Contributions to Practice from American Society of Criminology (ASC) Division on Feminist Criminology


Brittany Suh

Received the 2023 ASA Doctoral Dissertation Research Improvement Grant ($16,000)


Van Tran (Faculty)

Was elected a member of Sociological Research Association, also featured in GC news here


Talya Wolf

Was offered and has accepted a position as a MALS Advising Fellow for the 2023-2024 academic year