Month: May 2020

Recipients of Dissertation Fellowships

Dissertation Fellowships 2020-2021

Qasim Haq
Carell Dissertation Fellowship ($25,000)

Spiros Maximos Papadantonakis
Dissertation Year Fellowship ($25,000)

Carlos Camacho
Center for Place, Culture and Politics Dissertation Award ($10,000).
Awarded a grant from the Africana Studies Certificate Program ($800)

Yen-Chiao Liao
Received the Phipps-Clark Dissertation Fellowship ($5,000)

Pre-Dissertation Awards ($4000)

Joanna Dressel

Amelia Fortunato

Beiyi Hu

Xuemeng Li

Nga Than
Also received the Provost’s Digital Innovation Grant ($2,000)

Joseph Van Der Naald
Also received Wayne State University Walter P. Reuther Library’s Sam Fishman Travel Grant

Andrew Anastasi
Received the Graduate Center Archival Research Grant in American Studies ($4000)

Courtney Frantz
Received the Graduate Center Early Research Initiative/PublicsLab Summer Research Fellowship ($4,000)

Marianne Madore
Received the Connect New York Fellowship ($4000)