Month: February 2019

[Internal] Altfest Graduate Internship Program, Summer 2019

Deadline: Monday, April 1st

The Graduate Center Office of Career Planning and Professional Development facilitates partnerships with local institutions to host graduate student internships. The opportunities are meant to encourage graduate students to explore diverse career options, while developing skills and experience that will advance their career goals.
For summer 2019, students can create their own internship opportunity at an organization that best suits their academic interests and/or professional goals. Students who find a summer internship with an organization may then apply to the Altfest Graduate Internship Program for funding. The program provides $4,000 for the summer; interns are expected to work a minimum of 120 total hours. The manner in hich these hours are completed can be flexible, and will be agreed upon with the host during the application process. The Office of Career Planning and Professional Development is happy to assist students with their internships searches.

Positions are open to PhD and/or Master’s students. Students must be currently enrolled to apply.
Please plan to submit:
● A current CV or resume
● A one-page document explaining how the internship would further your career goals
● An email or letter from an employer confirming that you have been offered an internship with an organization
● The name and contact information of a professional reference. Ideally, any proposed internship should help you:
● Gain exposure to career trajectories in the field
● Learn how an organization works, its structure, goals and the roles within it
● Identify ways in which you can expand your range of career options
● Build relationships that expand your personal and professional network.
Previous Altfest Internships have taken place at Open House New York, the Global Fund for Women, Salon, Brooklyn Rail, ExpandED Schools, and the Office of the Inspector General for the New York Police Department. Applications will be submitted through GC Connect, the Office of Career Planning and Professional Developments new job and internship database (search under job postings for Altfest  Internship 2019). If you plan to apply but have not used GC Connect, detailed instructions can be found here .

[Internal] CUNY—NYBG | Humanities Institute Graduate Research Fellowships

Deadline: Thursday, February 28th

These CUNY sponsored $4,000 fellowships will be offered to CUNY Graduate Center Ph.D. students from any program with primary research interests related to the environmental humanities that can be studied using the collections of the LuEsther T. Mertz Library at NYBG. The primary responsibilities of the fellowship recipient will be to conduct their own research and collaborate with curators and archivists to expand  public awareness of the important historical materials that reflect worldwide knowledge of plant science and culture, the vision of nature, landscape and garden design.

Details Here